November 9, 2015



Athletes Network s interested in helping young athletes grow, both in athletics and in gaining a deeper knowledge of themselves and their abilities. We want to guide them as they improve their skills in football , basketball and come to enjoy the experience of working together with their teammates and with other athletes  and coaches.


Athletes Network is  a year around training program, designed to teach athletes football from the young age of 5 to the mature age of 21. Our athletes will consist of youth,high school and college athletes. We will teach you the game of football through skills and drills training. For first time players who have never played organized basketball and football this is a great time to see if  you  enjoy these two sports while learning the basic  fundamentals. For experienced players this is a great chance for you to sharpen your basketball and football fundamentals and learn new techniques. Skills and Drills Fundamental Training, as well as Heads Up Tackling Program.


Athletes Network will offer several different training programs such as:

1.    Group training

2.    One on One training

3.    Group Position training

4.    Group Team training 

5.    Speed, Agility and Quickness 

6.    Bigger, Faster  Stronger

7.    Combine Training

My price is– $65 an hour. Workouts are never more that 2 hours long in group or private workouts. And we work athletes out year around, before during and after their seasonal play

High School Services

High School workouts include the same as above with the added feature Player Evaluation and Game Evaluation.

College Services

College Football Training

Player Evaluation and Game Evaluation. For those athletes out of state that I cannot train in person I also offer Video Evaluation and Video Instruction and Personalized Video and written workouts. I will also help with College preparation and combine prep workouts



* Utilizes the science of sports performance training to provide athletes a

highly individualized pre-draft training program geared towards maximizing a

player’s physical output during their All-Start game, NFL Combine or Pro-Day.

* Provides a positive and competitive training environment where coaches can

focus on the individual training needs of each player to allow them to achieve

their specific training objectives.

* Allows player’s access to the precise testing protocols implemented during

the All-Start games, NFL Combine and Pro-Day so players are well prepared for

everything he will face.

*Program is proven not only to increase speed, strength, flexibility and

explosion, but also proven to mend injuries and prevent new injuries from


Video Evaluation

Coach Greer will take a 3-5 minute highlight video or Hudl video provided by the athlete and evaluate their overall performance from top to  bottom

with a through rating system from the NFL. The athlete will be given a number rating and score . Athlete will be given a written and detailed evaluation on

  1. Skills
  2. Ability
  3. Strengths
  4. Weaknesses
  5. Overall
  6. Suggested improvement areas

Price $65

Video Training

Athlete will be given a design and specific detailed video workout with drills and skills that will help the athlete enhance their overall skills to prepare them for the next level of play. This training can be from 1-8 weeks programs the minimum is 4 weeks

Price$ 4 weeks $250

Video Combine Training

This workout is design to prepare the athlete for any combine or camps that  are upcoming.

These drills and skills will be designed to get the athletes body, mind  and ability prepared for the camp and combine competition.

Event training will be

1. Bench press
2. 40

3. Short shuttle

4.Board jump

5. Vertical

6. L drill

7. Long shuttle

8. Position drills


Price $350

In all video training and evaluation , the athlete will be asked to provide game footage and workout footage of their workouts , training and overall development during the training process. So please have a qualified person film yourself for the best possible footage can be sent to me below ‘Coach Greer’.ccurring.