July 7, 2016



Our goal is to find the top Junior College and Unsigned High School Senior football players in the country and have them compete against one another in our Showcase Camp. Our camps are also used to evaluate and rank all junior college and high school senior prospects based on their in-season and camp performance. Our camps are all videotaped and we will conduct player interviews after the camp. All athletes will have photos taken of them and will be displayed on their Player Profiles on the Athletes Network.

Position and Agility Drills
Each athlete must designate a primary position when they register for the camp. Each group will have color coded jerseys based on their position. The Football Position Drills will be run by some of the top high school football coaches , along with former college & NFL Players. Athletes will participate in 4-5 position and agility stations throughout the camp. All drills will be videotaped for Athletes Network1.com and college coaches. All Agility Drills will be beneficial for our staff to evaluate players overall athletic ability, strength and conditioning.

Running Back Drills & Technique Training

  • Agility Drills
  • Ball Handling Skills
  • Routes Running
  • Catching out of the Backfield
  • and more…

Quarterbacks Drills & Technique Training

  • Footwork
  • Mechanics
  • Drops (3 Step, 5 Step, 7 Step) & Rollout Passing Drills
  • Routes on Air
  • and more…

Wide Receiver Drills & Technique Training

  • Agility
  • Route Running
  • Coverage Recognition
  • Routes on Air
  • and more…

Linebacker Drills & Technique Training

  • Footwork & Agility
  • Coverage Drills
  • Pursuit Drills
  • Route Recognition
  • and more.,..

Defensive Back Drills & Technique Training

  • Stance
  • Footwork & Agility
  • Coverage Drills
  • Route Recognition
  • and more…

We will also provide several tips and pointers to help athletes develop a game plan for maximizing their potential at their position.

Competition Drills
Once the position and agility drills are finished, all athletes will participate in 1-on-1 Drills. This is the most important part of the evaluation process. It doesn’t matter if you come from a small school or a large school; everyone is on an equal level playing field. This is where you prove how good you are. We have set aside a lot of time for this part of the camp so all athletes get a lot of reps. All drills will be videotaped for the Athletes Network1.com and college coaches.

Best of the Best Competition
The JUCO Elite Exposure Camps are known for the Best of the Best Competition at the end of camp. Throughout the day our staff is identifying the top players in attendance. These top players will be called out to compete against each other to see who are the best at their position. Please see our video highlights from previous camps prior to the event. Awards will be passed out at the end of camp and will be recognized on