November 6, 2015



Athletes Network is designed to train athletes to the highest level of their potential and beyond. Our goal is to help the athlete reach the level that they desire and then take the to the next level. All drills and skills and training are designed to help the individual get better at their athletic skill in whatever sport that they are active in.

Our Goals are to provide position-specific training from coaches who have instructed and competed at the highest levels of the game. Our camps combine elite football and basketball instruction with physical and mental conditioning for all-around development. Our athletes receive position-specific coaching with digital video analysis to break down technique and make lasting improvements. Players will improve balance, movement, concentration, confidence, flexibility and power at every one of our camp options. We take athletes from5 years old to 30 years old, we take athletes from Crib to Career. Whether your are trying to go from Youth sports to Varsity High school, or Varsity Sports to 4 Year College Sports. Or Finally you are going from College Sports to the Ultimate Level Professional Sports we are there to train you.

The Athletes Network is a Training Evaluation and Placement Service that helps you get to the level in which you strive to become the best you can be.

To become the greatest athlete that you can become please contact me when you are ready to except the challenge to become great.

Coach Greer